Residential Students

On-campus living is a vital component of the collegiate experience. We encourage our students to invest in this opportunity, as it will lay a strong foundation for their future. As such, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has an on-campus residency requirement for incoming first-year students, and also houses upper-class students. In total, University Housing is home to roughly 6,000 students each year.

Desk Assistant (DA)

DAs provide information, support, and services to residents by staffing the front desks in each of the buildings. Some of their main responsibilities include: customer service for residential students, sorting/distributing mail and packages, being a resource to answer housing and campus-related questions. While RDs interact with DAs frequently, all DAs report to a Residence Life Services Supervisor. In total, we employ roughly 175 students as desk assistants and desk supervisors.

Resident Assistant (RA)

RAs work in our traditional, suite-style, and apartment-style residence halls and are responsible for community development, creating personal connections with residents, event planning, on-call coverage, and the overall well-being of residents on their floor. Residence Life employs roughly 140 Resident Assistants each year. RAs are supervised by the RD of their assigned building. Each RA is responsible for a floor of about 40 residents. The average hall staff is made up of about 10 RAs.

Senior Resident Assistant (SRA)

SRAs are elevated student staff within our buildings. SRAs maintain all of the functions of being an RA, while also being responsible for additional administrative and staff leadership projects as assigned by the Residence Director. The SRA works closely with the RD to support the staff and students in their building.

Hall Government & Housing Student Organizations

Residence Life offers students the opportunity to get involved with a number of different student organizations in the halls. This includes the Residence Hall Association (RHA), which oversees and coordinates the efforts of all hall governments. Each building has its own hall government - made up of a group of student leaders advocating for their fellow residents and hosting events to improve their hall. Residence Life also sponsors the Scarlet and Cream Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), an organization devoted to service, scholarship, and recognition. NRHH is comprised of the top 1 percent of Residence Hall leaders.