Residence Hall Sign Up

Read the University Housing Contract Policy book. Review our on-campus housing options and meal plans.
Review the 30-day cancellation notice policy. Once a contract is signed, you’ll be held to this policy. You must submit a 30-day notice of your cancellation via the housing portal. You will be charged for 30 days after the completion date of the online cancellation process or the date they have turned in their room and mailbox keys (whichever is later).
Log into MyRed and ensure all of your information (i.e. address, email, phone, date of birth, etc.) is up-to-date and correct. Then, sign your housing contract in the housing portal.
Specific halls and room types aren’t guaranteed. Make sure to have multiple hall options in mind. Review living options available at the university.
Students can request one roommate, if space is available.
Random Selection
University Housing has changed the contracting process for new students to a random room selection appointment process to give equitable access to housing types for all students. The University of Nebraska is committed to providing an equitable & inclusive process and environment to all students.
New Housing Gender Assignments
University Housing is committed to providing spaces for students to feel at home and to respect their right to self-identify gender. For this reason, we’re now offering students the option of living in same-gender or gender-inclusive rooms. Read more about gender-inclusive housing here.
While students are being afforded the opportunity to select their living space, University Housing reserves the right to relocate and consolidate students when deemed necessary. We recommend logging into your contract periodically to check your roommate status.
If online room selection is open, the vacant bed is available for any other student selecting beds to assign themselves as your roommate. If space is available in your unit, it’s best to swap to a room that already has someone else assigned to it so you have an idea of who your roommate(s) may be. You’re able to view other available spaces and roommate information before reserving a room if you choose to swap rooms (for students that meet the priority date).
If online room selection is closed, then you’ll either be moved to another bed in that hall that already has a student assigned or a student will be assigned to the open bed in your room. For information on the consolidation policy after move-in read the University Housing policy booklet.

Contacting University Housing 

The University Housing office is open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. We are located at 530 N. 17th Street. Call us at (402) 472-3561 or (800) 742-8800. Email:

Correspondence can be mailed to:
University Housing
PO Box 880622
Lincoln, NE 68588-0622

When contacting us please be sure to indicate:

  1. a subject
  2. your name
  3. your NUID#

University Housing responds to all e-mail messages within 48 business hours. If you do not receive a response, the e-mail has not been received by our office.