Housing & Dining Accommodations

Housing & Dining Accommodations

Students in study area of residence hall

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln offers accommodation options to students who may require specific adjustments to their housing or dining arrangements. Our goal is to ensure that every student at UNL has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally, fostering an inclusive and welcoming community for all.

Housing Accommodations

Students with disabilities can request an accommodation to their residence hall housing. Learn more about housing accommodations on the Services for Students with Disabilities website.

For inquires about Emotional Support Animals, please review this web page.

Dining Accommodations

For Dining accommodations related to food allergies or other dietary needs, please contact Ellyn McCarter, RD, LMNT at emccarter2@unl.edu. Ellyn will share resources and options on a case-by-case basis.


In order to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made, students seeking reasonable accommodations in the residence halls must contact the Services for Students with Disabilities office by May 1 (for the fall semester) or November 15 (for the spring semester). It is vital to begin the accommodation process as soon as possible to maximize the number of housing options available to you. Accommodation plans approved after the stated deadline may not be feasible due to housing availability.