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Suite-style at Nebraska

Photo by Craig Chandler

The university offers several housing options, from the rich diversity of our residence halls to the more self-reliant environment of apartment-style living. We offer traditional or suite-style living for incoming new students, and traditional, suite-style, and apartments for upper-division students. The halls are grouped together into complexes and feature a wide range of amenities. All halls are open over university break periods.

To send mail to someone living in the halls, please make sure to verify their address. You can look up mailing address for all our residence halls on the mailing addresses webpage.

Traditional Halls

If you're looking to meet people, the living style in traditional halls is a great way to make new friends. Traditional halls feature two-person rooms with community bathrooms including private shower/toilet areas that are cleaned daily by University Housing staff. Meal plan options, in-room refrigerator/freezer and independent control overheat and air conditioning are a few traditional hall amenities.

Hours of Operation: All halls are open during university breaks. Front desks at Abel, Selleck, University Suites, Courtyards, Massengale, and Smith are open 24/7. Students in other halls should utilize the desk in their complex.


Suite-style living with University Housing accommodates four students. There are two types of rooms – double bedroom (two students per room), which are designated for first-year students, and single bedroom units for upper-division students. Suite-style features a living room area, snack-prep area with a full-sized refrigerator and microwave, sink and countertop area, as well as private in-suite showers and vanities. Suite-style offers several meal plan options.

Hours of Operation: All halls are open during university breaks. The front desk at University Suites is open 24/7.


The Courtyards, Massengale Residential Center and The Village are single occupancy rooms designed for upper-division, graduate students or non-traditional freshmen (resident 20 years of age or older with a freshman classification) ready for a more independent living environment. Meal plan options are available.

Hours of Operation: All halls are open during university breaks. The front desk of Courtyards is open 24/7. Students in Village should utilize the desk in at Smith Hall.

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