Nebraska Residential Experience

Nebraska Residential Experience

Every student’s experience is different. At Nebraska, we are committed to creating meaningful learning experiences that help students develop, grow and thrive.

The Nebraska Residential Experience is the guiding residential program implemented in the halls by University Housing Residence Life staff. Our goal is to develop engaging communities where residents can have transformational experiences, connect to campus resources and create relationships.

Throughout the year, hall programming is focused on five areas of Husker Student POWER – Purpose, Ownership, Well-being, Engagement, and Relationships.


Students will be able to:

  • Get in touch with their passions.
  • Be confident and make their mark.
  • Find, deepen, and achieve their purpose for pursuing higher education.

Students should be able to articulate their “why” for pursuing higher education at NEBRASKA.

We’ll help students identify and use resources available to help them choose a major and/or career path with members of their residence hall community. While living on campus, students will plan to participate in two high-impact experiences to help them discover their “why.”

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Students will be able to:

  • Own their individual stories.
  • Understand that our world is more diverse than ever and our stories connect us.
  • Take ownership of their educational journey.

Growth in self-awareness will give students the ability to enhance understanding and respectfully appreciate others who are different than themselves. These experiences are critical for preparing students for a global workforce.

Students will have opportunities to engage with a diverse range of communities, respectfully recognize differences, and share their own identities and values in building skills for respectful civil discourse.

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Students will be able to:

  • Balance their physical and mental health.
  • Take care of all facets of their wellness.
  • Be the best version of themselves.

Students must have strategies and support for their overall well-being. We’ll assist students in developing a self-care plan, find resources where they can get help, and understand how their behavior(s) impacts their well-being and the well-being of others in their community.

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Students will be able to:

  • Be leaders who can make a difference.
  • Develop leadership skills by engaging with the university community.
  • Excel professionally and civically in a global society.

Co-curricular opportunities can help students deepen their learning experiences which provide value in terms of career and professional development skills. Our staff will help identify opportunities in civic responsibility and leadership that develop students into leaders who can make a difference in a global society.

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Students will be able to:

  • Find a community that guides them to the place they want to be.
  • Build relationships with peers, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.

Students must feel a sense of community and belonging that can help guide them to the place they want to be. Our goal is to help students develop the skills to cultivate and maintain healthy relationships.

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