Digital Sign Policies and Submission

Digital signage at University Housing and Dining Services will serve to communicate information relevant to student residents and guests in both residence halls and dining centers.

Housing- and/or Dining-related content takes priority on all message boards in residence halls and dining centers.

Priority & Prohibited Messages

Order of priority
  1. Housing- and/or Dining-related content
  2. Notices regarding Housing and/or Dining information (sign-up, hall opening/closing, etc.)
  3. Residence Life activities
  4. Other affiliate organizations (Lied, Sheldon, etc.) depending on availability

These policies and guidelines are subject to change depending upon several factors, including visitor feedback, evolution or adoption of new graphic layout standards, digital signage industry mobility, implementation of new technologies and best practices, and other reasons that could potentially influence this medium.

Prohibited messages

Absolutely no advertisements or solicitations (excluding Lied, Sheldon, etc.)

Other prohibited messages include:

  1. Religious messages
  2. Sexually suggestive, derogatory, discriminatory, or inflammatory material
  3. Fundraising advertisements or sponsorships for any initiative not directly associated with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  4. Job postings
  5. Events held on campus that are not associated with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  6. Messages not in accordance with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Code of Ethics
  7. Messages that promote or condone behavior that violates University Nebraska–Lincoln policies, or local, state or federal law
  8. References to the sale or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs
  9. Personal messages
  10. Advertisements of commercial products or services
  11. Messages that include the copyrighted or trademarked works of others
  12. Political messages for candidates or local, state or federal measures and bills (see exception below)
  13. If an event or activity is sponsored in whole or in part by a private housing management company, apartment complex, or developer, the company’s logo and/or name may not appear on the proposed posting/digital signage to be submitted to University Housing. 


      When a candidate for political office comes to campus, neither the campus nor the hosting facility is taking a political position for or against a candidate. Their presence on campus is strictly educational and similar opportunities are to be offered to all candidates. Posting their event on an electronic signage board does not make the posting political.

Announcements & Acceptable Content

Announcements will be displayed in order of priority
  • Emergency information
  • Housing- and/or Dining-related content
  • Affiliate organizations (Lied, Sheldon, etc.) and RSOs
Examples of acceptable content
  • Activities in residence halls and dining centers
  • Emergency notices
  • Public service notices (parking structure closures, natural disaster, etc.)
  • Academic notices
  • Special events (lectures, plays, concerts, annual addresses, etc.)
  • Scheduled maintenance that affects a significant area of the campus or a large number of students
Duration & Approval Process

  1. Digital signage requests should be made through the submission webform and should be submitted at least seven (7) business days prior to the proposed start date.
  2. Content is posted no more than fourteen (14) days prior to the event date and is removed automatically at midnight the day the event concludes.
  3. Informal postings not directly associated with an event may be posted for up to three (3) weeks.
Approval process

If you are creating your own graphic for digital signage and have questions regarding any of the specifications found on this webpage, contact the Student Affairs marketing and communications department BEFORE creating the image.

A request that meets all requirements does not guarantee approval. Approval also depends on available space. This is determined on a first-come, first-served basis with the understanding that University Housing and/or Dining Services content takes priority over all requests.

Questions or comments should be referred to Derek Niewohner or Shari Rosso.


Digital signage requests should be made through the submission webform at least seven (7) business days prior to the proposed start date.

Requests made without seven business days’ notice are not guaranteed to be displayed. Requests will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Student Affairs' marketing and communications department will have discretion over final messaging and graphics displayed on all Housing and Dining message boards.

The Student Affairs marketing and communications department reserves the right to edit any submitted material, determine what is appropriate for posting, and choose when a posting will appear in the announcement rotation.

The Student Affairs marketing and communications department will make every effort to fulfill requests but provides no guarantee that digital materials submitted will be posted and reserves the right to limit or exclude submissions.

Image submission recommendations
  • 3-4 lines of text with 5-6 words per line. Recommended format: Headline, body copy, and call to action.
  • Use a font size that can be viewed from 7-10 feet away. Easy-reading fonts are Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, or Gotham (UNL brand).
  • Headlines should be approx. 40 pt. size; body text approx. 24 pt. size.
Image submission helpful tips
  • Keep it basic
    • What – event, idea
    • Where – location
    • Why – benefits of attending (2-3 lines, bullets, simple)
    • Call to Action/How – Apply today!
    • Easy-to-read GO URL where secondary info can live.
    • Use the fewest words in formatting, and simple statements
    • Does a photo communicate better than words?
    • More than one concept? Split into two slides.
Image submission parameters
  • The higher the resolution image quality, the better for reproduction
  • Files must be in PNG or JPG/JPEG file format. All images must be at least 1600 pixels wide by 900 pixels tall and at 72 dpi.
An example of the correct and incorrect orientations for digital signage image submissions.
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