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NOTE: Please check with the contact person for the respective position to see if that job search is still active or if the position has been filled.

Professional Staff Employment

For information about positions available in University Housing, please visit the UNL employment website http://hr.unl.edu/employment/. Applications for any full-time professional University Housing positions listed are managed through this website.

If you'd like information about the Residence Director position in Residence Life, visit our RD Selection website.

Student Employment

Employment opportunities for students are plentiful in University Housing. In addition to offering numerous full-time and professional positions, the department is one of the largest employers of students at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Student staff positions are varied. Working as a student staff member provides a great opportunity to develop work skills and gain experiences.

On-campus employment offers the convenience of working for employers who are flexible with students' class schedules, walking between work and class, and, (in many areas) the same vacations as the University (winter break, spring break, summer, etc.).

Other on-campus student employment opportunities exist at places like the Campus Recreation Center, the Library, the Student Union, with professors, advising centers, and many more. For more information about student employment at UNL, visit the Career Services website at http://www.unl.edu/careers/.

If you'd like information about the Resident/Community Resident Assistant position in Residence Life, visit this website.

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