Rights and Responsibilities

Community Standards

University Housing offers a unique community living environment. This living space requires that students possess the life skills that are needed to live in an independent living environment. To preserve this special community, residents are expected to exhibit mature and responsible behavior and to abide by the community standards.

By signing your University Housing Contract, you indicated your acknowledgment of your obligation to comply with the Student Code of Conduct, the Rights and Responsibilities as a Resident (as documented below in the Community Living Guide) and the Contract Policies Booklet (also below).

Students are expected to be knowledgeable of, and abide by, the Student Code of Conduct at all times. All students are responsible for knowing and adhering to these standards. Any violation of the policies may result in disciplinary action. For more information on the UNL Student Conduct Code and to read all policies and procedures related to Student Conduct, go to: studentconduct.unl.edu/.

2019 Summer Contract
Policies Booklet
2019–20 Contract
Policies Booklet
2019–20 Kauffman
Contract Policies Booklet