Live-On Housing Requirement

Sandoz Hall

Living on campus at NEBRASKA is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's an essential part of your Husker college experience.

Research at colleges and universities across the country shows students who live in on-campus housing are significantly more likely to succeed academically, be involved in activities on campus, graduate, and feel positive about the college experience when compared to off-campus peers.

A student who lives in a University Housing residence hall is more likely to:

  • Take full advantage of campus resources
  • Be more involved in campus activities and educational programs
  • Complete more credit hours per semester
  • Achieve greater academic success
  • Complete their studies and attain their degree(s)
  • Be more satisfied with their overall university experience

For these reasons, like many public and private colleges and universities, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has implemented an on-campus residency requirement for first-year undergraduate students to live in university residence halls unless an exemption is granted.

What is the requirement?

All incoming, first-year and/or unmarried students enrolled for six or more credit hours, and are under the age of 19 prior to the first day of the fall semester of the current academic year are required to reside in on-campus housing. This policy is in effect for the entire academic year.