On-Campus Residency Requirement

Sandoz Hall

All incoming first-year students enrolled for six or more credit hours are required to reside in approved on-campus housing. This policy is in effect throughout the entire academic year. Every incoming first-year student must complete one of the following:

Why have a requirement?

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln believes students who live in University Housing will benefit from the residential living experience as an integral part of student engagement and educational success. Studies have shown on-campus residents are more likely to succeed in academics and benefit from the social opportunities being offered. Living on campus in the residence halls is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in and be a part of a community of peers. A student who lives in a University Housing residence hall is more likely to:

  • Take full advantage of campus resources.
  • Participate in campus activities and educational programs.
  • Successfully complete more credit hours per semester.
  • Achieve greater academic success.
  • Complete their studies and earn their degree(s).
  • Find greater satisfaction with their overall university experience.

Studies conducted at colleges and universities nationwide indicates students who live in on campus in the residence halls are significantly more likely to achieve academic success, be involved in activities on campus, to graduate, and to feel positive about their college experience when compared to their off-campus peers. Living in the residence halls ensures a safe and secure environment while being able to conveniently access university resources such as the library or technology laboratories.

For these reasons, like many public and private colleges and universities, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has implemented an on-campus residency requirement for first-year undergraduate students to live in university residence halls unless an exemption is granted.

OCRR Exemptions

  • Turn 19 years of age prior to the first day of the housing contract period.
    • Fall semester admits: August 18, 2024
    • Spring semester admits: January 15, 2025
  • Commute from the home of my parent/guardian or close relative. Close relatives only include a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling. The residence should be within a 30-mile radius of the UNL campus. The parent/guardian or close relative must be an adult, 19 years of age or older, and residing in the residence full-time with the student. A photo of the parent/guardian/close relative’s valid driver’s license or state ID (the address must match where they will reside) is required as proof.
  • Transferred 27 or more accepted credit hours after high school graduation. Note: Credit hours earned while attending high school are not included.
  • Married or Civil Union. Marriage license or documentation of Civil Union required.
  • A student with children. Child birth certificate required.
  • Lived in university-approved housing for two or more semesters (excluding summer) at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln or another institution. Documentation of living at another institution required.

How do I comply with the OCRR?

Complete one of the following:

  • Submit a housing application to live in the residence halls.
    • Access the housing application on the housing portal Housing Portal in MyRed.
  • Submit confirmation of residency in university-approved Greek Housing.
    • Work directly with the Fraternity or Sorority Chapter to set up your housing accommodations in the Greek house House.
    • Access the confirmation of residency form on the Housing Portal in MyRed.
  • Submit a request for exemption from to the on-campus residency requirement.
    • Access the exemption request form on the Housing Portal in MyRed.
    • Allow up to one week for a response to your request. If your request is not approved, you must complete a housing application to live in the residence halls.

The deadline to comply with the residency requirement is the first day of the housing contract period.

  • Academic Year/Fall Admits: August 18, 2024
  • Spring Only Admits: January 15, 2025