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Application for 2024-25 is now closed.

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Resident Assistants (RA) are student staff member who live and work in a residence hall on campus.

RAs play a crucial role in creating a positive, supportive living environment for students. They serve as a resource and mentor, and role model for residents, helping to build community and fostering personal and academic growth.

RAs receive training and professional development to enhance their leadership, communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. They work closely with Residence Life staff to maintain a positive living experience for all residents.


Why be a Resident Assistant at Nebraska?

What are the benefits of being an RA?

As an RA, you'll cultivate lifelong leadership skills and learn to connect with diverse individuals, setting you apart in future job searches and fostering meaningful relationships. You'll also meet friends that will last a lifetime.

What are the requirements to be an RA?

Full-time undergrad or graduate student, cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (GPA for Knoll and Kauffman are different), must have completed 24 hours of classes at a university before employment starts.

After I apply, what happens?

After applying, you'll be enrolled in a Bridge class video about the RA position. The video is a prerequisite before you can interview. Starting Sept 18, you will sign up for a 30-minute Zoom interview, scheduled Sept. 25 through Oct. 27. An optional Interview Prep Night will be held Sept. 20 or 21. By attending, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions about the position and interview process, as well as an opportunity to work on your interview skills.

Who can I contact for more information?

Carrie Fitzwater,, 402-472-1013.