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With one exception, Ethernet ports are all grey. If it isn’t grey, it’s a phone port for a land-line.

The grey Ethernet ports should be pre-activated with exceptions in buildings listed below. Before Requesting a Port Activation, please check the port with a computer as other devices might not connect even if the port is active. To request a port activation, log into MyRed account, go to the Housing tab and enter the FixIt page, choose Network Issues and click the Port Activation Link. Fill in the information and submit the form. If that doesn’t work for any reason, call or stop by the ResNet office in Sandoz, (402)472-3535.

Ports in your Room
Abel, Sandoz, Harper, Schramm, and Smith

One grey data port will be activated, it should have a sticker next to it. Additionally, in every third room, there will be a mini wireless Access Point (AP) already connected to the active port. These new AP’s have four hardwired ports on them – all of which are hot and ready to be used by the students. Please do NOT use the 4 ports for an XBOX nor attempt to unplug the wireless AP. The second gray data port can be activated on request.

Village North, Village South, and Courtyards

The “living room” gray data port will be activated. Any gray data port in the “A, B, C or D bedrooms” can be activated on request. The data port label for the gray data port in the middle of the bedroom cover plate is at the top, next to the round cableTV port.

We know you expect access to excellent computing facilities when you are working on your degree, and UNL delivers. Every student room in the traditional-, apartment-, and suite-style residence halls has direct access to the Internet. There is NO additional charge for these services. No monthly or hook up fees, nothing. Compare this to Broadband services such as Cable and DSL, which can easily run you $45/month for the same performance.

We provide 100Mb Ethernet connections. What does that mean for you? Convenience and ease of use. We recommend using the available Ethernet ports for desktop computers, game boxes and TVs/video streaming devices. Wireless access is available in every residence hall. Family Housing units (Vine St. and U St. Apartments, do not.) We recommend using the wireless for laptops, phones and any other mobile devices.

Ethernet and USB printer cables for residents are available at no cost from the ResNet office in Sandoz plus the Abel/Sandoz, Smith, Village, Neihardt, University Suites, Selleck, Massengale and Courtyards Front Desks. Ethernet lengths are 7', 14' and 25'.

If your computer breaks or you need a quiet place to study, there are labs available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is at least one lab in each complex. You can just go downstairs and hop right on a computer.

Computer Labs Laptop Checkout Ethernet

Printing is available anywhere there is a WEPA PrintIT kiosk. Single sided black & white prints are 9 cents. Only in 8.5" x 11". Color prints are available and scanning is free. You’ll want to set up your WEPA cloud account. WEPA is the vendor supporting the PrintIT system.

Printit – WEPA

If you have any questions, please check the ResNet website.

ResNet offers Internet access support for persons staying in the UNL Residence Halls. Below you will find recommendations for your optimum computing and networking needs. From operating systems to anti-virus programs, here's what you'll need.

ResNet Recommendations

Illegal behavior such as unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music, movies, videos, games or software is strictly prohibited. Use of the UNL network, which is a shared resource, is a privilege that may be revoked if it is abused. If the university receives a complaint against a computer that is connected to the campus network, consequences will ensue.