Network Upgrade Project

Information Technology Services (ITS) will begin a network refresh project to upgrade network switches and wireless access points across campus. Most of this work will be done during holiday shutdown. The goal is to complete all upgrades before the January 4 opening.

The University Housing network will experience intermittent outages on the following dates and access for both students and staff may be limited.

Partial Outages

Date Tentative Outage Window Housing Locations Impacted
Nov. 29 2-4 Hours Only Housing servers and firewall-protected desktop networks will be impacted.
Dec. 5-6 2 Hours The entire University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus, including University Housing buildings, will lose Internet connectivity during short periods throughout this change.
Dec. 13 8 Hours Residence halls and dining halls will be without wired and wireless network access for short periods throughout the day.
Dec. 27 8 Hours Massengale will be without network connectivity during the update.

Building Wired and Wireless Connections - Full Day Outages

Hall Date
Schramm Hall 11/28/2020
Schramm Hall Servers 11/28/2020
Harper Hall 11/29/2020
Harper Dining Center 11/29/2020
Smith Hall 11/29/2020
The Village 12/19/2020
Willa S. Cather Dining Complex 12/19/2020
University Suites 12/20/2020
18th & S Support Building 12/20/2020
Fluid Cooler Building 12/20/2020
East Side Suites 12/20/2020
Knoll Residential Center 12/20/2020
The Courtyards 12/21/2020
Hall Date
Selleck Quad 12/21/2020
Selleck Servers 12/21/2020
Kauffman Academic Residential Center 12/21/2020
Love Memorial Hall 12/22/2020
Massengale Residential Center 12/22/2020
U-Street Apartments 12/23/2020
Husker Hall 12/23/2020
Vine Street Apartments East 12/23/2020
Vine Street Apartments West 12/23/2020
Abel Hall 12/28/2020
Abel-Sandoz Food Service Building 12/28/2020
Abel-Sandoz Welcome Center 12/28/2020
Sandoz Hall 12/28/2020