Breaks, Dining & Contracts Info

Village Students in Living Room Space
The Halls Are Open

Residence halls at NEBRASKA are always open during breaks. You’re welcome to stay in your room during any break period or come and go as you please.

Winter Break, Dec. 16-Jan. 17

If you're leaving for any length of time during winter break,

  • Empty your trash into the garbage chute. Recycle items in designated recycling bins.
  • Turn off lights and close blinds.
  • Ensure the door latches and locks behind you.

If you have or will have an open space in your room,

Make sure the other portion of the room is open and clean for a potential new roommate at semester.

  • Half of your room will need to be cleared of your belongings.
  • A $50 inconvenience fee will be assessed if your room is not ready to receive a new roommate.
  • Desk Hours during Winter Break

    Hall front desks are open, operating on regularly scheduled hours (24/7).

    Changes to Your Spring Meal Plan by Jan. 30

    Make changes to your spring meal plan by January 30, 2023.

    • Log in to MyRED.
    • Under “Important Links,” click the blue “Housing” button.
    • On the housing portal homepage, select the “Meal Plan Balances and Changes” button.
    • Complete the form until you reach a confirmation page.
    • You’ll receive a confirmation email indicating your submitted requests.
    • Charges will be adjusted by February 7 for meal changes happening on January 18, 2023, and after.
    Winter Break Meals

    Check your meal plan swipe and/or Dining Dollars balance in the housing portal in MyRED throughout the academic year.

    Big Red, Platinum, Diamond or Sapphire meal plans:

    • After dinner December 16, weekly meal plan swipes for the fall semester end.
    • January 18 – weekly meal plan swipes begin and spring Dining Dollars load.
    • During the break, you can use the following as payment at campus restaurants:
      • Remaining fall semester Dining Dollars
      • NCard (charge to the centralized student bill)
      • Credit/debit cards
      • Purchase a Herbie 25 Add-on meal pack or $100 Dining Dollar reload.

      Gold, Silver, or Bronze meal plans:

      • You can use your remaining fall semester swipes and Dining Dollars during break.
      • Spring swipes load January 18, 2023.
      • If you’re low or out of meal swipes or Dining Dollars, you can purchase a Herbie 25 Add-on meal pack or $100 Dining Dollar reload.
    University Health Center Break Hours
    • Jan. 3–22 - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday
    More Information

    We’re happy to have you here on campus. Please let us know if you have any questions.

    University Housing | 530 N. 17th St. | Lincoln, NE 68588-0622 | 402-472-3561 |