Gender-Inclusive Housing at Nebraska

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Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) is designed to provide a supportive place for students of any gender identity to live on campus where they can feel safe, comfortable, and thrive. GIH allows students of any gender identity to room with someone they are comfortable with regardless of gender or sex assigned at birth (SAB). This is done knowing that many students identify with a gender different than their SAB.

Further information, including the GIH interest form, is located below but anyone with questions regarding GIH options on campus should contact:

Matt Nelson
Associate Director of Community Experience | (402)472-3882

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Gender-Inclusive Housing Process

Students interested in GIH on campus have a short, additional process to complete to ensure they have access to GIH spaces on campus.

  1. Fill out and submit the GIH Interest Form.
  2. Students will then be contacted by Matt Nelson to discuss individual needs and preferences for GIH.
  3. Upon completion of conversation, students will be given access to GIH housing options. When student’s room selection time occurs they will be able to select from the spaces available that align with their individual needs.

Throughout the GIH process staff will not request any unnecessary information and any information shared will be kept confidential.

LGBTQA+ Resource Center

Students may also wish to contact the LGBTQA+ Resource Center at (402)472-1652 for information about support and services available to students.

GIH Interest Form non-discrimination statement