Apply Now

Creating your on-line staff application

In order to start your application process, you will need to create an account by visiting the RA Application Process website. You will be directed to a staff application site, and your first time accessing this site will require you to create an account. Click on the green "create account" button to log-in. You will log-in with your Blackboard (My.Unl) username and password.


Once you create your account, make sure to click on and review the information and instructions contained on every tab at the top of your profile to thoroughly understand what you must complete.  The tabs are: overview, questions, supporting docs and submit.  You can access your account up until the deadline to make any edits or updates needed.

Submitting the on-line application

Successfully submitting the on-line application consists of completing the following actions within your account:

  • Fill out your profile and demographics information
  • Answer all applicable job application questions (questions tab)
  • Attach a resume, providing a link to a resume, or typing your resume directly into your account profile (supporting docs tab)
  • Provide the names and contact information for two (2) references (supporting docs tab)
  • Answer essay questions
  • Click "submit" (submit tab)

You will receive an email to confirm when your application has been submitted.  Also, on the overview tab of your profile a message stating the date and time that your application was submitted will also be displayed, along with a green circle around a black check mark icon captioned "submitted".  Until this occurs, your profile message will state "incomplete," and this means action is still needed on your part.  Review each tab again to ensure you have completed all action steps and have submitted your application.

Additional information about references

Only when your application has been submitted will your references be contacted. It is important to submit your application early enough so that your references are notified well in advance of the deadline to complete their reference form. Both references must be received by the deadline for your application to be fully completed and reviewed for interview consideration.

Once your application has been submitted, an email will automatically be generated to your references.  This email will provide them a link to click on, leading them to an on-line reference form.  They will complete and save this on-line.  When a reference has completed and submitted their reference on your behalf both you and the reference will receive an email confirming that their reference is received.  Once you have received an email confirming both of your references have completed their forms, your application is now fully complete and will be reviewed for interview consideration.

You can always log back into your profile and look at the supporting docs tab to see if a reference has or has not been completed.  If it is completed, a green circle with a black check mark in it and the word "completed" will be displayed next to each reference that is completed.  If the reference is not yet completed, you can click on the "send notification" box and the system will generate another email directly to your reference with the link to their reference form.  This is a good reminder to them, but it would also be helpful to follow up with an email, a phone call, or talking directly to your reference to ensure they complete this for you by the deadline.