Meet Our RDs

Residence DirectorsHarper, Schramm, Smith and Village

Dillon Pearson
Dillon Pearson
Smith | 402.472.1064

Dillon Pearson, Smith Hall
I started at UNL in Jan. 2016, one semester, 6 mos.
Education History: Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies at the University of South Dakota, Master's Degree in Higher Education Administration at the University of Kansas.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: While I have not yet been able to attend a Huskers game, I am looking forward to going to watch the Huskers play at Memorial Stadium this fall. I am also excited to watch the Women’s Volleyball team that was National Champions last season. In the last six months, I have also enjoyed being able to play basketball at Campus Rec with various faculty and staff members as well as other members of the community.
Prior Work History: I have previously worked as a Hall Director at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and as a Residence Life Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I also did my internship during Graduate School at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.

Erron Reynolds
Erron Reynolds
Schramm | 402.472.1058

Erron Reynolds, Schramm Hall
Years at UNL: 12+
Education History: Bachelor's Degree in Communications with a minor in Media Studies from the University of Northern Colorado
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: Here at UNL we have some of the best student staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of supervising. They are dynamic and engaging individuals who take great pride in being Huskers and in achieving great things academically. I sincerely appreciate the many opportunities I’ve been afforded to work with these outstanding young leaders throughout my tenure with University Housing.

Melanie Skocy
Melanie Skocy
Village | 402.472.3849

Melanie Skocy, The Village
Years at UNL: Joined the team in summer of 2013.
Education History: Bachelor's of Arts in English from Northern Illinois University, MS in College Student Personnel from Arkansas Tech University.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: In my free time, I enjoy taking adventures through the many parks in the area- hiking, playing disc golf, finding new paths, or just reading a book. When the weather doesn’t allow for time outdoors, I like to visit the various “touristy” things in the area- museums, historic buildings, etc. The fun part about Lincoln is that there is a little something for everyone nearby- live music, history, restaurants, sports, film and theatre, and outdoor activities.
Prior Work History: Residence Director at Arkansas Tech University.

Kyle Trafton
Kyle Trafton
Harper | 402.472.1056

Kyle Trafton, Harper Hall
Years at UNL: January 2015
Education History: I got my Bachelor’s Degree in in History Education from Montana State University-Billings and am working on a master's in Higher Education Administration at UNL.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: Lincoln offers substantial opportunity to attend activities within walking distance of campus throughout the calendar year. The University of Nebraska State Museum Morrill Hall, Mueller Planetarium and Sheldon Art Museum are all located on campus. The first Friday of every month downtown Lincoln hosts an art walk. The Haymarket district hosts a farmer’s market every Saturday morning from May to October. The Flatwater Shakespeare Company travels to parks around the Lincoln area performing classic Shakespeare plays. The Grand Cinema Theater offers $5 movie ticket for staff/faculty on Tuesday and Thursday’s. There are several venues throughout the downtown area to watch comedians and musicians. And, of course, there is always Husker football on Saturdays in the fall.
Prior Work History: Residence Director at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Residence DirectorsAbel, Sandoz and Courtyards

Marque Black
Marque Black
Sandoz | 402.472.1022

Marque Black, Sandoz Hall
Years at UNL: November 2013
Education History: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice/minor in Psychology at Missouri Valley College, master's in Public Administration at Lindenwood University.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: I have attended many Husker games in almost all sports and the spirit that Husker fans put out still surprises me. I’m proud to see the athletes and the fans interact with each other beyond the stadiums and arenas. Over the years, I have worked with students and in the community of Lincoln on social action (Black Lives Matter and Youth after school programs). I have met with almost every UNL campus organization because I love the students of UNL passion for action and I strive to assist them in their collegiate journey.
Prior Work History: I have over six years of experience working in Residence Life/Student affairs at Huston – Tillotson University and Missouri Valley College.

Carrie Fitzwater
Carrie Fitzwater
Abel South | Floors 8–13

Carrie Fitzwater, Abel South
Years at UNL: Starting 4th academic year.
Education History: Bachelor's degree in General Education from Western Illinois University and master's in Educational Administration from the University of South Dakota.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: Lincoln is a great community! Big city, small town feeling and that is what I really appreciate about the town. I enjoy going to the Railyard area for the events and food (Ivanna Cone is pretty amazing). I also like that Lincoln is a healthy city and prides itself on putting that as a priority. Between the city and campus, there are always options for you to live an active and healthy lifestyle and I have appreciated seeing what both have to offer me and my family.
Prior Work History: I worked as a Hall Director at Missouri State University for 3 years prior to coming to UNL. I did my graduate internship at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island as part of ACUHO-I.

Cassie Roth
Cassie Roth
Abel North | Floors 2–7
402.472.1011 |

Cassie Roth, Abel North
Years at UNL: Six months
Education History: Bachelor's degree in Education and masters in Education from the University of Nebraska-Kearney.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: My favorite thing about Lincoln is the atmosphere. Not only does it feel like home to me but it is welcoming. The energy that Lincoln and UNL has is incredibly welcoming and unlike any other college campus I have been on. People that attend UNL and those that live in Lincoln have such pride in the institution and the community so it is cool to get to be a part of that.
Prior Work History: I worked as both an RA for 2 years and a Graduate Hall Director for 2 years at the University of Nebraska-Kearney during both my undergrad and graduate programs and then worked for a year as an Admissions Counselor at Nebraska Wesleyan University before coming to UNL to be a Residence Director.

John Wachal
John Wachal
Courtyards | 402.472.5346

John Wachal, Courtyards
Years at UNL: July 2015
Education History: Central Community College, A.A.; University of South Dakota, B.S. in History/Sociology; University of South Dakota, M.Ed. in Adult and Higher Education Administration
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: People often describe Lincoln as a large small town. Lincoln is a friendly welcoming place where I feel at home, and yet it is large enough for me to have an exciting and fun life outside of work. A twenty minute walk can take you to the movies, a touring Broadway show, Carrie Underwood concert, baseball game, football game, a brewery, ice skating, and the list goes on and on. I mention the walking because on gameday in Lincoln you want to avoid any driving. This University is beloved by the city, state, and worldwide. I love our tagline “Come make waves where there is no ocean. There is no place like Nebraska”. Fun fact: Nebraska has a Navy!
Prior Work History: Including being an RA, Grad. And Fulltime professional I have 10+ years of experience working at 6 institutions. I was a Grad. Hall Director at South Dakota, then spent 3 years in the AIMHO region at Northern Arizona University, and am now at Nebraska. I was an RA for 5 years and did two graduate internships with Upward Bound.

Residence DirectorsBurr, Fedde, Husker, Kauffman, Love, Neihardt and Selleck

Pankaj Desai
Pankaj Desai
Kauffman | 402.472.7264

Pankaj Desai, Kauffman Hall
Years at UNL: One year
Education History: Bachelor's degree in Psychology, English Literature, and Journalism from Bangalore University, India. Master's degree in Higher Education with a concentration in Community College and University Leadership from Appalachian State University, Boone, NC. Currently, pursuing a PhD in Educational Leadership and Higher Education at UNL.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: There a few places in Lincoln that I have come to enjoy. The Owen is a popular Indian restaurant. For Italian fare, I would suggest Vincenzo's and El Potrero for Mexican food. I enjoy being around water bodies and the Holmes lake is a favorite. The Pioneer's Park is a great trail destination as well.
Prior Work History: Residence Director at Appalachian State University

Steven Jara
Steven Jara
Burr, Fedde & Love
402.472.1027 |

Steven Jara, Burr, Fedde, Love
Years at UNL: Nine years
Education History: Bachelor's degree in economics and management information systems at UNL, graduate work in economics at UNL.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: Hunting, archery specifically, and fishing.

Maggie Miller
Maggie Miller
Residence Life Projects/Selleck
402.472.1033 |

Maggie Miller, Residence Life Projects/Selleck
Years at UNL: First year
Education History: Bachelor of Arts degree with minor in Family Studies from University of Northern Iowa, master's degree in College Student Personnel from Western Illinois University .
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: I enjoy working with the people here at UNL. The residents, student staff, and professionals are passionate about UNL and they make an effort to make everyone feel welcomed. What I like best about living in Lincoln is that it has the feeling of being a city and a small town at the same time. I appreciate that I have the opportunity to go see some big name artists in concert, but also drive down streets that remind me of my small hometown.
Prior Work History: Residence Director/Residence Life Projects (July 2016-Devember 2016); Assistant Complex Director (July 2014-May 2016); and Resident Assistant (August 2011-May 2014).

Amanda Orr
Amanda Orr
Neihardt | 402.472.1045

Amanda Orr, Neihardt Hall
Years at UNL: July 2014
Education History: I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and master's in Higher Education Administration, both from Southeast Missouri State University.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: My favorite thing about living in Lincoln is that it has the amenities one might find in a larger city, while still providing the feel of a smaller community. I enjoy the variety of things to do around the city and the charm of the smaller communities that have preserved their traditions over time. My ideal way to spend a weekend in Lincoln would be doing a bit of shopping one of the many malls around the area, going for a walk or playing disc golf at a local park, then enjoying a delicious meal at a restaurant in the downtown Haymarket area. I have truly enjoyed getting to be a tourist in the city by touring the capitol and various museums around the city.
Prior Work History: I served as a Graduate Academic Advisor for one year and a Graduate Residence Director for one year at Southeast Missouri State University from 2012-2014.

Residence DirectorsKnoll, Eastside Suites, University Suites and Pound

Joe Czaja
Joe Czaja
University Suites | 402.472.7053

Joe Czaja, University Suites
Years at UNL: First year
Education History: Bachelor's degree from North Central College and master's from Florida State University.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: Shopping in south Lincoln is my favorite!
Prior Work History: Florida State University, assistant coordinator

Kaitlin Ferris
Kaitlin Ferris
Eastside Suites | 402.472.7197

Kaitlin Ferris, Eastside Suites
Years at UNL: Fourth year
Education History: Bachelor’s Degree in Family Science at UNL, Master’s Degree in Counseling- Student Affairs from the University of Nebraska-Kearney.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: I love that Lincoln feels like a small town, but has everything you would need in a big city! I really enjoy exploring the parks in and surrounding Lincoln as well as shopping and checking out all the stores and restaurants in the Haymarket. The UNL campus is beautiful and on game days, everyone has something in common- their love of the Huskers! The sights and sounds on Husker Saturdays is something everyone should experience!
Prior Work History: UNK graduate hall director.

Kevin Rush
Kevin Rush
Pound | 402.472.1035

Kevin Rush, Pound Hall
Years at UNL: Second year full-time, ninth year overall.
Education History: Bachelor's degree in Secondary Special Education and master's in Higher Education Administration-Student Affairs, both at UNL.
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: The Haymarket/Railyard area has breathed a new life into the city of Lincoln! With the addition of Pinnacle Bank Arena, we now get big-name artists who come perform in our city and the community has really thrived off of new development and new businesses in the area.

Will Sheppard
Will Sheppard
Knoll | 402.472.4750

Will Sheppard, Knoll Residential Center
Years at UNL: Ten years
Education History: Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education K-12 from the University of Central Missouri; Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Dakota; Doctorate in Education Administration. Anticipated Graduation Date May 2017 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
UNL/Lincoln Highlight: I enjoy the Lied Center for Performing Arts. The variety of shows are awesome to see! I also am able to continue my passions of coaching tumbling and personal training in the community.
Prior Work History: University of South Dakota as a graduate hall director.