Housing COVID-19 FAQ

Early Move Out

What is the Express Checkout Form?

This form is how you can inform University Housing that you’re moving out of your room for the remainder of the semester, making you eligible for the prorated refund. If you need another copy of the form, visit the front desk of your hall or complex. If you’ve already left campus, you can complete the Remote Room Checkout Form available online (MyRED > Housing Portal > Remote Room Checkout Process). Per contract policy, no adjustments to housing accounts are made during the last two weeks of the semester.

Do I need to move out entirely?

Yes. If you choose to leave, you must remove all belongings from your room/unit and thoroughly clean all areas prior to completing checkout. This includes cleaning surfaces and removing trash. A Residence Life staff member will check your room within 5 business days of checkout to inspect for any damages. If there are any damages, beyond normal wear and tear, there could be additional charges. If you have questions about whether a particular damage will be charged, please contact your Residence Director.

I’m in one of the residence halls that will be closing after Spring Break, but I won’t be able to return to move out my belongings by then. What should I do?

If you cannot make it back to move out or to move to your reassigned room by Sunday, March 29, please contact the Residence Life office at 402-472-3885 or reslife@unl.edu for more information.

I moved out and never “Checked Out” – what do I do?

If you’ve already completely moved out of your residence hall, cleaned your room/unit and left campus, please complete the form located at MyRED > Housing Portal > Remote Room Checkout Process.

Can a parent clean out the student’s room for them?

If the student is unavailable, a family member may contact the Residence Director (RD) of the building their student lives in. The RD will help develop a plan for them to access their student’s room. Staff contact info can be found here: https://housing.unl.edu/halls/staff


How much should I expect my refund to be?

The amount varies depending on your contract and when you choose to move out. If you move out by March 24, you’ll be eligible to receive 60% of the prorated refund effective March 15, 2020. If you choose to move out after March 24, you’ll be eligible to receive 60% of the prorated refund for the period from completing checkout through the end of the semester. Per contract policy, no adjustments to housing accounts are made during the last two weeks of the semester. Please note that all refunds take a month to process.
Example: If a student’s remaining contract for room and board would cost $2,750 between March 15 and May 9, the refund portion would be $1,650.

Who will be eligible for the refund?

All residents who choose to move out and complete check out paperwork with University Housing prior to the end of the semester will be eligible. To receive the maximum refund (effective date of March 15, 2020), students must move out and submit the checkout form by March 24, 2020. Per contract policy, no adjustments to housing accounts are made during the last two weeks of the semester.

How will my refund be processed?

Your refund will post to your Student Account within a month. If your account has other charges, it may offset this amount. If there are no further charges, you should receive a refund either by Direct Deposit or a mailed check. If you had scholarships that covered your housing costs, the funds will return to the payee. For account questions, please contact Husker Hub at 402-472-2030 or huskerhub@unl.edu.

Room Reassignments

Why has the university made the decision to move students within the halls?

The novel coronavirus continues to impact communities throughout the United States and the world in unpredictable and unprecedented ways. In order to best support the health and safety of students, we need to adjust our course so we ensure we can continue to provide resources to those students who truly have no other housing alternatives and remain living on campus.

As the campus shifts to essential services only, we continue to reduce the density of the campus population, reducing the risk of exposure to those who remain on campus. Many students have made arrangements to return home. We also recognize that some students will not be able to return home right now. While the university will ensure that we have sufficient residence hall rooms available for students who truly have no alternatives, we need to offer an environment conducive to optimal social distancing. Reassigning students now also allows us to prepare to respond to future community needs.

Why were specific residence halls selected?

Reassigning students to the suite- and apartment-style halls is our best option to promote the health and safety of the students and staff for the following reasons:

  • Individual bedrooms and a reduced number of students sharing bathrooms will increase social distancing.
  • Residents will have full-sized refrigerators and microwaves, providing students more independence for storing and heating food.
  • Moving students out of other halls will make future space available should the need arise for people to quarantine or isolate.
Where will students be reassigned to?

All students will move to one of four buildings: The Courtyards, University Suites, Eastside Suites, and Knoll Residential Center. Students who reside in all other buildings will move to a new room assigned to them by University Housing.

When will students move?

Students will receive detailed instruction sent to their @huskers.unl.edu account approximately 24 hours before their moving timeline begins. We advise students to start packing now. The email sent to students will include a specific date and time, new room assignment, and information about moving assistance.

Who will students room with?

We will do our best to keep current roommates together or near one another in the new space. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate room or roommate requests at this time.

Will I share a bedroom with another student?

No, all students will have individual bedrooms to promote social distancing. This is the reason we are moving all students to spaces where they can have their own bedroom and share a bathroom with as few individuals as possible.

Will I be charged more to live in a new space?

No additional charges will be imposed. Students choosing to stay on campus and move will be charged according to the contract they signed at the beginning of the year, or the amount of the new space – whichever is less.

What if I had a previously approved accommodation for my space?

We will ensure all previously documented accommodations are replicated in students’ new room assignments. If you have need for additional accommodations, please seek assistance from Services for Students with Disabilities at 402-472-3787.

What if I currently live in Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Those currently living in Gender-Inclusive spaces will continue to be provided accommodations with other students approved for Gender-Inclusive Housing.

I’m a Village resident and already have a private room. Why do I have to move?

We anticipate using The Village to respond to community needs for quarantine or self-isolation in the future. While we understand moving may be an inconvenience, your reassigned accommodations in Courtyards will offer a similar living environment near dining services.

Will I be able to return to my original room assignment?

No. We cannot predict how long the present situation may last.

I have not yet checked out and I cannot return to campus by Sunday, March 29. What will happen to my belongings?

If you cannot make it back to move out by Sunday, March 29, University Housing will coordinate a process to pack and store your items. Please contact the Residence Life office at 402-472-3885 or reslife@unl.edu for more information.

Will you provide assistance with the relocation process?

Yes, our staff will provide a truck to transport your belongings from your current hall to your new hall. We also will supply boxes for packing your belongings as long as supplies last.