Amenities Chart

Hall complexes include: Special study rooms, 24-hour study areas, computer lab, cable TV, game room, laundry facility, internet access and air conditioning. Beds in all residence halls are 36"x80", except Kauffman Hall beds, which are 36"x75".

The following are provided in a traditional residence hall room, and must remain in the room:

  • Extra-long twin bed and extra-long mattress
  • Closet(s)
  • Desk and chair
  • Refrigerator (excluding Love Memorial Hall)
  • Mirrored medicine cabinets or personal mirrors
  • Roll shades or blinds/curtains
  • Wastebasket and recycle bin
  • High-speed internet connection

Every hall has laundry facilities. Machines are operated with a debit/credit card payment system (NCard not accepted in machines). No coins are accepted. The cost of a wash is $2.25 and dry is free.

Abbreviation guide

4.3/4.8 = 4.3 to 4.8 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer

16.0 = 16.0 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer

18.0 = 18.0 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer & microwave

FSM = Full size refrigerator and microwave

LC = Learning Community

STE = Same Gender suite-style

PC = Physically challenged rooms

MF = MicroFridge© (refrigerator/microwave combo)

FR = Freshmen

UG = Undergrad

UC = Upperclass

GR = Graduate

SGL = Singles

SD = Super Double Room

Abel Coed by wing 1,004 13 Yes No 4.3/4.8 FR/LC/SD
Sandoz Coed by floor 401 9 Yes No 4.3/4.8 FR/SD/LC
Massengale Residential Center Trad Coed 240 4 Yes Yes 4.3/4.8 East Campus
Neihardt Coed by floor 462 3 No No 4.3/4.8 FR
Harper Coed by floor 450 10 Yes No 4.3/4.8 FR/SD
Schramm Coed by floor 450 10 Yes No 4.3/4.8 FR/LC/SD
Smith Coed by floor 450 10 Yes No 4.3/4.8 FR/SD
The Village Apt-style 526 5 Yes Yes FSM Apt-style/UC
The Courtyards Apt-style 478 5 Yes Yes FSM Apt-style/UC
Husker Hall Coed by floor 41 3 No Yes 16.0 Kitchen
Love Memorial Female 45 3 No No -- East Campus
Selleck Coed by floor 612 3 Yes Yes 4.3/4.8 FR/LC/PC/UC/GR/SGL
Massengale Residential Center Apt Coed by suite 134 4 Yes Yes FSM UC/NT/Kitchen/NMP/East Campus
Knoll Residential Center Coed by suite 565 5 Yes Yes FSM STE/FR/UC/PC/Honors
University Suites Coed by suite 512 5 Yes Yes FSM STE/FR/UC/PC
Eastside Suites Coed by suite 513 5 Yes Yes FSM STE/FR/UC/PC