#MyHuskerHome Room Style Showdown

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Congratulations! The best rooms on campus at NEBRASKA are...

Husker Spirit: University Suites 370A
"I really love the way the decorated my room! I have been a diehard Husker fan my whole life! Husker spirt runs VERY deep in here!" - Sarah

U-Suites 370A

Best use of space/organization & apartment-style: Courtyards 104C
"My room is awesome because I created a little reading nook under my bed to maximize the space. I love how cozy it is!" - Emmi

Courtyards 104C

Repurpose & sustainable: University Suites 163
"I decided to add variety to my room, incorporating old and familiar elements with new and exciting elements." - Joel

U-Suites 163

Creative use of color & suite-style room: Knoll 470
"In my room I tried to use a lot of items that I thrifted and up cycled to be completely my own and create a boho aesthetic." - Emma

Knoll 470

Traditional-style room: Massengale 386
"Our room contains color for each of us, but it is still able to store supplies with our carts, shelves, & dual purpose ottomans." - Page & Sierra

MRC 386

Special recognition in Best Use of Space & Organization - Minimalist Award! (and just downright funny!) Knoll 320
"It is my room." - Adam

Knoll 320

More amazing rooms on campus at NEBRASKA...

Village 509D: "I love interior decorating so I was really excited to design my own room. Styled boho and macrame with gold and colorful accents." - Zoey

Massengale 349: "I wanted a way to keep my room organized while still having a cute layout for my room. This is my second year at Massengale!" - Emily

Abel 1127: "Full music studio. Gaming setup that 10 players can enjoy together. LED in every corner. Snow cone machine. Plenty of room." - Mason & Luke

Abel 1303: "I love to keep my space organized and clean. I believe that my dorm room is awesome because I know where everything is! :)" - Alexis

Univ. Suites 123: "I feel like my room is a reflection of me. It has lots of soft things, a little extra space to gather, and music!" - Macy

Massengale 156: "We based our room on a natural boho theme with functional pieces from small businesses, from both Texas and Nebraska." - Frances & Hannah

Abel 826: "My room is awesome! I use the storage options the university has provided. Storage bins help me keep things organized and clean." - Kaitlyn

Thank you to RHA for judging the #MyHuskerHome Room Style Showdown!