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Learning Goal Statement

Students will be able to reflect upon and articulate the value of their co-curricular opportunities that enhance their academic experience.

Learning Narrative

Students will engage in co-curricular opportunities that introduce them to the value of civic engagement, global study, leadership opportunities, working in the Nebraska community, and utilizing resources. Students must have an awareness of their leadership strengths and abilities in addition to opportunities to practice and build their skills in campus and community contexts. Helping students identify opportunities to deepen their learning through curricular and co-curricular experiences and engaging them in reflection about their learning so that they can articulate its value in terms of career and professional development skills is central to their success.

Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:


1. Get involved in an on/off campus group that is connected to something you are excited about.

Entrance Point
Moving In
Moving Through
Moving On
Unaware of opportunities to engage in on and off-campus opportunities. Being able to identify opportunities both on and off campus. Participate in on or off-campus opportunities. Reflect upon and apply experiences from on or off-campus opportunities to real world contexts.