Student Employment Information

All applications for employment are screened by the supervisor who is responsible for a particular area within University Housing. A number of factors are considered including availability, experience, need, etc. The presentation of an application is not a guarantee of employment in University Housing, and it is not an adjunct to the residence hall application/contract.

  • Students who are returning employees and have satisfactory work records are given priority.
  • Students who are selected for employment must understand that their selection is not a guarantee of employment throughout any part of, or for the entire academic year or summer session.
  • Employment, and its continuation, will be dependent upon the ability and availability of the student to perform the work to the satisfaction of the supervisor.
  • Continued unsatisfactory work will result in termination from the position. Termination of employment does not constitute a claim for cancellation of the room and board contract within the academic year (if applicable).
  • Student employment necessitates reapplication/reappointment on a yearly basis.
  • Information on interviewing tips/techniques is available at Career Services, Nebraska Union.

It is understood that:

  1. The student will present a copy of his/her class schedule as soon as possible, or as requested by the supervisor.
  2. Students are required to work through the last day of the semester or summer, or the last day of the contract date, unless they are excused by the supervisor (this includes break periods and finals week).
  3. Working hours will be established by the supervisor. If a student cannot report for work on a specific day, the student must call the supervisor and inform him/her of this fact.
  4. Students must adhere to shift substitution policies as explained by the supervisor.
  5. Students will punch in and out on time cards. Failure to properly punch in or out may result in a delay in payment.
  6. Safety and dress code expectations will be explained by the supervisor and all employees will adhere to said rules.
  7. All accidents are to be reported to the supervisor as soon as possible.
  8. Keys may be issued for your work area. Improper use of keys will be grounds for dismissal. Staff will be expected to sign and adhere to a Key Agreement.
  9. Students must provide their supervisor with at least 10 days notice if they wish to resign their position. Exceptions are granted by supervisors based on individual circumstances.
  10. Students must obey all University and residence hall regulations and are not allowed any privileges that are not granted to non-working students.
  11. Students who violate the terms of this agreement will forfeit their right to further work assignments.
  12. A grievance procedure is available should any student wish to register a grievance in connection with his/her work situation. The Office of Student Employment or the supervisor can provide information about this process.
  13. All staff serve a probationary/training period.
  14. All student payroll documents must be accurately completed and submitted to the Payroll Office before the first shift is worked.