Eligibility Requirements & Benefits

Essential Traits


Accepting and motivated to learn about and support others’ life experiences and perspectives.


Willing to learn from RA position, peers, supervisor, and accepts constructive feedback.


Demonstrates self-control and discipline in managing emotions and making sound decisions.


Is honest and consistent in one’s beliefs, values and actions.


Demonstrates consistent, positive choices in one’s personal, academic and professional conduct on and off campus.


Actively supports and challenges residents to pursue their academic, personal, relational and citizenship goals.


Allows others to express opinions, recognizes their strengths, and supports others in a team setting.


Holds oneself and others accountable to job expectations.


Adjusts and changes as the team grows.


Enthusiastically serves and advocates for students.


Creates and maintains a positive, inclusive, engaging and academically-focused student experience.


Recognizes the efforts and good deeds of staff and residents.


Actively listens and effectively communicates.


Appropriately addresses issues and concerns that arise and is responsive to community needs.


Approachable and respectful; actively initiates and maintains positive relationships with others.

Eligibility Requirements for the Position

Minimum Qualifications:

  • In order to be eligible to apply for a Resident Assistant position, applicants must be enrolled in twelve credits (undergraduate) or nine credits (graduate) of residential/on-campus course work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the time of application and must be able to demonstrate at the time of application that they are able to successfully earn 27 credit hours by the start of their employment with University Housing.  For students who are studying abroad at the time of their application for an RA position the department will verify that, for the semester immediately preceding the applicant’s semester abroad, the candidate was enrolled in twelve credits (undergraduate) or nine credits (graduate) of residential/on-campus course work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Sophomore class standing or above (27+ credits completed) as of May 11, 2018 when credit hour checks are conducted.
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.2 or higher as of May 11, 2018 when grade checks are conducted. A student staff member must maintain at least a 2.2 cumulative and 2.2 semester GPA during every semester of employment. The Neihardt RA position requires a GPA of 3.0 that must be maintained as the minimum GPA each semester and cumulatively for every semester of employment. The Kauffman RA position requires a GPA of 3.3 that must be maintained as the minimum GPA each semester and cumulatively for every semester of employment.

Students applying who have already earned a UNL GPA but who do not meet the 2.2 GPA criteria when grade checks are done in December and January will automatically be removed from the process. 

Freshmen are allowed to apply for the position, even though they will not yet have a UNL GPA until December or January.  However, grade checks will be done in December and January, and if a freshman did not meet the GPA requirement during their first semester they will automatically be removed from the process.

If you are requesting a grade to be changed, it needs to be posted on the MyRed system by the application due date.  We do not keep applicants in our selection pool who do not meet our GPA requirement but are trying to get a grade changed.

All staff hired will have their grades checked prior to starting in the position and every subsequent semester they are employed.

  • At the discretion of the Department of Residence Life, applicants must be in good standing with the University, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and not be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.  An applicant can have no active or unresolved violations of the Student Code of Conduct or any incomplete judicial sanctions (ex. community service hours, alcohol or drug education courses to complete, fines to pay, etc.)

Students who have been, or are currently on deferred eviction status, or who have been evicted from a residence hall, are not eligible to apply.  If you would have an active Judicial Sanction or will be on Judicial Probation at the start of employment you are not eligible for the position.

  • Must be able to successfully pass a criminal background check administered by the University.
  • A strong commitment to helping other students in a residential setting. 
  • Academic Year RAs are not permitted to hold any employment outside the RA position during the first semester of their employment. (Outside employment may be allowed during subsequent semesters if evaluations indicate a satisfactory work performance.  However, due to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requirements, non-resident aliens are limited to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and, therefore, are not permitted to hold outside employment (other than their RA position) at any time during academic sessions throughout their employment as an RA.)
  • Applicants must be in good financial standing with the University.  All student staff members are expected to meet payment for tuition and fees.  Please note that salary earned in this position may affect student financial aid.


Residence Life student staff member compensation includes:

  • A single room for the duration of employment, assuming that occupancy demands allow. Please be aware that University Housing retains the rights to assign roommates to student staff members whenever necessary to accommodate the number of contracted students who require space-on-campus.
  • An unlimited, seven- day meal plan when the dining halls are open.
  • RA's $300 stipend per semester (at the end of December and in May) and a one-time raise of $50 will be paid for the third, and any subsequent, semesters of employment. (equaling a total stipend amount of $350).
  • SRA's – $1200 stipend that is divided into ten, equal monthly payments during the course of employment (August-May) There is a one-time$100 raise for the third and each subsequent semester of employment. (equaling a total stipend amount of $1300).
  • Summer RA's – Stipend amount of $350 paid in August.

*If, for any reason, the student staff member leaves their position before the end of the agreement period, their stipend amount will be prorated based on the final date of employment.