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Dining Services FAQs

What if I miss a meal because of work, class or an extra activity?
Sack lunches/dinners and even sack breakfasts are definitely a solution to your situation! Stop by the Dining Services management office in your residence hall to discuss your schedule with one of the management staff who will arrange the sack meal for you to pick up.
What if I have special dietary needs?
Students living in University Housing with special dietary needs are asked to contact Pam Edwards, Assistant Director of University Dining Services, to discuss plans about how to best meet the students' needs. Please contact Pam at 402.472.9045 or
How can I share my ideas about the menu with Dining Services' staff?
We encourage and appreciate students' menu ideas and have a few ways for you to become involved in that process including:
  • Becoming part of the University Dining Services' Menu Committee which has regularly scheduled meetings. If you cannot attend the meeting(s), share your ideas with one of the management staff members who will present your suggestions at the meeting.
  • Use Dining Services' comment cards which are available at each of the Dining Centers to communicate your ideas and questions. Please include your name and e-mail or phone number so a member of the management staff can obtain additional information if needed.
  • Visit us in person! We always appreciate the opportunity to talk with students about the menu.
Where can I find the menu for the residence hall dining centers?
Menus are posted at or you can download our menu app for iPhone or Android.
How can I become more involved in University Dining Services' activities?
A great way is to become a member of one of the University Dining Services' committees. Examples include:
  • The gNc (good Nutrition counts) committee which plans and presents nutrition/wellness programs for the students.
  • The Menu Committee evaluates and plans menus and evaluates new products and recipes.
  • Dining Center Special Event Teams plan and present special events in each of the dining centers.
In addition, you can find University Housing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
When or why would there be a "block" on my NCard with Dining Services?
There are different situations with the unlimited access meal plans that cause a "block" to occur such as:
  • If you've eaten at any of the residence hall dining centers during Dining Services' lunch period/time and you try to eat lunch at the East Campus Corner Deli, you will be blocked. Likewise, if you've eaten at the East Campus Corner Deli during their lunch period/time (1:00–2:30 p.m.) and then try to eat at any of the residence hall dining centers during their lunch period, you will be blocked.
  • If you've eaten at any of the residence hall dining centers during the lunch period/time and you try to eat at Husker Hoagies, Husker Heroes, or Huskers On-The-Go, you will be blocked. Similarly, if you have eaten at Husker Hoagies or Husker Heroes during their lunch period/time (10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.) or Huskers On-The-Go during their lunch period/time (10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) and then try to eat at any of the residence hall dining centers during the same lunch period/time, you will be blocked.
  • If you take a sack meal for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner, you will be blocked from any of the residence hall dining centers for the meal period that you received the sack meal.
  • If you attend a special meal (Monday – Friday) at any of the residence hall dining centers for which your NCard number has been entered in the ID system, you will be blocked from going to a residence hall dining center during that same meal period.
What if I'm not feeling well and can't get to a dining center for meal(s)?
There's a Sick Meal Approval form available at any dining center cashier desk that needs to be completed by the person getting a meal for you (i.e. friend, roommate, classmate, RA, etc.). The cashier will verify the information on the form and visually verify the NCard of the person getting the meal for you (so we have someone to follow up with if we need to). Once those items have been verified, that individual can get a sick meal for you.
Can guests join me for meals?

All-Access Meal Plan:

Every student with an All-Access meal plan will be allowed three free guest meals during the first semester and three free guest meals during the second semester. After the three free guest meals are used each semester, guests are welcome to purchase a meal with cash, credit card, or by using their NCard.

Red 440 or White 250 Meal Pack:

Students with the Red 440 or White 250 meal pack have a limit of five (5) card scans per meal period. Card scans can be used in any dining center or grab-n-go location. These scans can be used for guests.

How can I change my meal plan?
To make changes to your meal plan, log into your MyRed account and access the Housing Portal.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

University Dining Services makes every effort to label the menu items being served and identify the ingredients. At times, however, the ingredients of menu items will not be posted, and the possibility also exists that the ingredients and/or nutritional content may vary from what is posted. Manufacturers may change the formulation of the food without our knowledge and accurate nutritional information for certain product(s) may not be available. Any customers concerned about food ingredients should be aware of these risks and proactive about their food choices.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the customer to decide whether to eat certain foods. The University will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed or to items one may come into contact with while eating at a University establishment. For questions regarding the ingredients of the menu items or any other questions about food contents, please consult a member of the dining center's management team at any time. If you believe you may have disability-related food allergies or other dietary needs related to a disability, please contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities at (402)472-3787.