Bed Bug Protocol

Bed Bug Protocol Summary

University Housing has established the following step-by-step process for the detection and treatment of bed bugs:

  1. Students/guests are instructed to bring the bug to the 24-desk or call the front desk with room number, name and cell phone number if bed bugs are suspected. The front desk will immediately contact Housing staff.
  2. Housing staff will contact the students/guests and perform an initial interview, requesting information to help determine if a bed bug inspection is warranted.
  3. If an inspection is warranted, University Housing Facilities personnel will visit the room and perform a visual inspection to find bites, bed bugs or traces of bed bugs. Facilities may also schedule an approved exterminator or bed bug sniffing dog to verify the presence of bed bugs. Students/guests will be given instructions to prepare for the dog.
  4. If there is no evidence of bed bugs, additional detection devices may be placed in the room and checked later to cross check the possible presence of bed bugs.
  5. If there is evidence of bed bugs, a course of treatment will be determined by Housing Facilities in coordination with a professional exterminator.
  6. Residence Life will coordinate all student/guest aspects of the treatment process.
  7. University Housing accepts no liability for damage during the treatment process but will facilitate appropriate claims against vendors for damages caused during the process.
  8. Notification will be posted on the floor to let students know that bed bugs were found and treated, but specific room numbers will not be shared.

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