Bed Bug Information

Student Responsibility

  • Educate yourself about bed bugs and understand how they live by reviewing Protocol, Education, Prevention, Detection and Eradication information below.
  • Take precautions when traveling to minimize the chance of bringing bed bugs to campus.
  • Do not buy or bring second hand furniture that may contain bed bugs. Launder your clothing and bedding regularly to help reduce the chance of harboring bed bugs.
  • Empty and inspect your backpack frequently.
  • Keep your room picked up and orderly, vacuum your room and remove trash at least weekly, to reduce hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Examine your bed and the area near your bed thoroughly every couple of weeks. Always be aware of the possibility of bed bug presence and react swiftly to inform the front desk that you may have a problem. Do not hesitate to call!
  • Do not treat your room with chemicals, sprays or any other type of product to control or kill bed bugs, this will hinder the efforts of our professional exterminators.
  • Capture any bug you suspect may be a bed bug so UNL Housing can positively identify the bug.
  • Understand that bed bugs are a distraction and inconvenience and will require some extra work and possible temporary displacement from your room.

University Housing Responsibility

  • Provide the resources and information to educate all students about bed bugs and what students need to do if they suspect they may have bed bugs.
  • Respond quickly between 6 a.m. and midnight to any student bed bug concern.
  • Take proactive measures to detect and treat any potential bed bug problems and guide students through all necessary bed bug related procedures.
  • Utilize up to date pest control techniques to minimize the risk and exposure to bed bugs.
  • Establish a high level protocol for all Housing employees training and execution for effective pest control management.
  • Hire proven, qualified professional exterminators to help prevent, detect and eradicate bed bugs.
  • Openly communicate bed bug issues to all parties affected.
  • Document all bed bug cases and monitor potential resurgence of infected areas.
  • Accept no liability for damages during the heat treatment process.


University Housing has established the following step-by-step process for the detection and treatment of bed bugs.


Bed bug education will be provided during the fall semester move-in process each year.


Along with our education materials and process, University Housing will be conducting residence hall room and building inspections to help prevent bed bugs.


There are several methods to help detect the presence of bed bugs.


High heat treatment is the preferred method of bed bug eradication.