What to Bring

We Provide

  • Extra-long twin bed and extra-long mattress
  • Closet(s)
  • Desk and chair
  • Refrigerator/freezer combination (except Love Memorial)
  • Mirrored medicine cabinets or personal mirrors
  • Roll shades or blinds/curtains
  • Wastebasket and recycle bin
  • Wired and wireless high-speed internet connectivity

Contact Your Roommate

When you have your roommate's contact information, give them a call. Take some time to get to know one another. Discuss what you'll be bringing and which of those things you might share (to prevent duplication and waste of space).

Discuss with your roommate before purchasing

  • Television, DVD player and/or sound system
  • Video game console
  • Futon/small couch
  • Room decorations
  • Carpet
  • Microwave (750 watt maximum) if you are assigned to Abel, Harper, Sandoz, Selleck, Schramm, Smith or Neihardt (halls that provide microwaves include Courtyards, Eastside Suites, Husker, Knoll, University Suites, East Campus Residence Hall and Village)


Every hall has laundry facilities. All machines run on a credit/debit card system called WaveRider. A wash is $2.25 and drying is free. No coins are accepted.

Packing Checklist

Packing Checklist PDF

We recommend no more than two (2) vehicle-loads of personal belongings – students who pack more than this often send most of it home. Experience shows that students often go home for the Labor Day weekend – what a great time to pick up a few extra items.

Items You'll Need

Your NCard (NU ID)

Twin-size sheets (extra-long and deep-pocket sheets will all work on our mattresses. All beds are 39" x 80" and require extra-long bed sheets. Kauffman beds are 34" x 80," Selleck beds are 36" x 80.")

Bedspread or comforter, blankets

Pillow and pillowcase

Alarm clock or clock-radio with battery

Towels and washcloths

Shower tote/caddy/robe/shower shoes/flip flops

Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)



Season-appropriate clothing (switch out during breaks)


Surge protectors

Social Security card (for employment purposes)

Insurance and pharmacy cards

Prescription refills (including eyecare)

Current prescription medications in their original containers

Information: physicians' name, address, telephone number and emergency telephone numbers

High efficiency laundry detergent

Courtyards/Village residents will also need to bring kitchen items such as pots, pans and dishes.

Useful Items

Cleaning supplies (all hall floors have a shared/community cleaning closet)

Flashlight and batteries

Personal computer with updated security

Portable fan

Checkbook/debit card

Pictures, posters and other decorative items (NOTE: Only use approved adhesives such as 3M Command adhesives and blue painter's tape.)

Desk/floor lamps (NOTE: Halogen lamps can be a fire hazard. Please avoid using them in the halls.)

Cooking appliances approved for use (all appliances must be UL-approved): toaster, toaster oven, coffee maker, popcorn popper, blender, small electric sandwich maker, etc.

All UL-certified kitchen appliances can be used at The Courtyards and The Village.

Items You Should Not Bring


Drums and amplified guitars


Electric skillets and electric grills (i.e. George Foreman grill)

Any appliance with open heating coils

Any non-university bed frame or loft

Space heaters

Microwaves rated above 750 watts

Unapproved materials for hanging including Scotch, duct, electrical or masking tape; gum-type adhesives, tacks, nails and staples; anything else that might damage walls/doors/floors

Items Subject to Disciplinary Action

Alcohol, illegal drugs and/or prescription drugs that do not belong to the student

Decorated alcohol containers


Weapons or ammunition (firearms, martial arts weapons, knives, paint ball guns, etc.)

Pets (other than fish)

Fireworks/other explosives

For traditional halls only: ANY cooking appliances not listed as approved include, but are not limited to, toaster ovens, hot plates, George Foreman grills and any non-UL-listed appliances.

Sign Up For Unloading/Parking

  • All students moving into residence halls must sign up for an unloading/parking time slot (except residents of Love Memorial and Husker Halls).
  • Sign-up begins Tuesday, August 1 at 8 a.m. at MyRed>Access Housing Portal>Forms and is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. 
  • If you want to avoid the rush, don't sign up to arrive first thing in the morning.
  • At the completion of unloading sign-up, you can print off an unloading pass OR you will receive an unloading pass at your hall check-in.
  • No parking signup time is required if moving in after 4 p.m.

By the time students and parents arrive for move-in, significant permanent traffic pattern changes will have been implemented on 16th and 17th Streets.

  • 16th Street will be a two-way street.
    • During move-in on August 17 and 18, traffic lanes will shift to allow two lanes of parking in front of Neihardt Residential Center (east side of 16th Street).
  • 16th Street near Harper/Schramm/Smith is under construction.
    • Alternate route to access HSS parking lot will be via Salt Creek and 14th Street.
  • 17th Street may be closed to through traffic. Check this website for updates.
    • Abel/Sandoz will still have access to the circle drive on 17th Street.

Download and review the move-in maps, even if you are familiar with campus. Maps are available in the Guidebook app. No more than two (2) vehicles per family are allowed on move-in day.


University Housing student Welcome Team members and Parking Services staff will be available to direct you to unloading zones and answer questions.

  • DO NOT pull into a handicapped space, onto a sidewalk or into the fire lane.
  • You will receive an unloading pass at your hall check-in that must be placed in a visible area on your dashboard while parked in a temporary unloading zone.
  • PARKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN UNLOADING ZONES. In order to keep traffic moving and allow a smooth check-in for everyone, unload your vehicle promptly.

MOVE YOUR VEHICLE! Just as you hope to have a parking place near your building to unload, so do other families moving in after you.

Parking Services staff will direct you to a nearby parking area where you can leave your vehicle while you finish unpacking and get settled. Parking lots will return to their normal permit designation on Sunday evening before classes start.

Keep in mind that many students will be unloading and moving in at the same time. We appreciate your patience!


Parking permits will be mailed to students or can be picked up at the Parking Services Office when you arrive on campus. Call (402) 472-1800 for more information.


The Early Check-in Request Form will be available at MyRed>Access Housing Portal>Forms starting Friday, July 14 for submission and forms submitted in July receive priority review by housing staff. Requests received in August may result in late review.