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Massengale Residential Center | Love Memorial

Massengale Residential Center

You will start your check-in process in the Massengale Residential Center lobby.

Massengale Residential Center Parking Map

Getting to Massengale Residential Center

Love Memorial Hall

You will start your check-in process in the Massengale Residential Center lobby.

Love Memorial Hall Parking Map

Getting to Love Memorial Hall

*International Students, if you have not yet made housing arrangements through the Housing Contracts office, contact them immediately at Arrangements should be made before you arrive on campus.

Move-In Day Checklist

Only students must be present to check-in. To avoid crowding the check-in area please have family members wait outside (weather permitting) while you complete the check-in process. You must check-in before you start unloading.

Step-by-Step for a Smooth Move-In

Make sure your N-Card is in an easy to find location.

Park in your assigned lot/area near your residence hall for unloading.

  • At the unloading zone, look for a move-in volunteer and they will get you a parking permit to put in your vehicle.
  • Move-in volunteers will be wearing bright neon colored t-shirts and will be available the following hours:
    • Thursday, August 17, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
    • Friday, August 18, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • If you're moving in after volunteer hours, please get your parking permit from the check-in area.

Lock your vehicle and head into your residence hall check-in area.

At check-in you will receive:

  • Room key
  • Residence hall specific information
  • Other important information
  • An opportunity to check-out one of our carts (limited availability)

Go to your room. Confirm that your room key works. (If it doesn't, return to check-in area).

Inspect your room and furniture for any damages and make note of specific areas. Follow-up with your resident assistant (RA) if there are damages.

Move-in your belongings

Move your vehicle from the unloading zone to designated parking lots (see your complex's parking map).

Move-In Tips & FAQs


Download the UNL Move-In GUIDEBOOK app to your smartphone or tablet. It contains all move-in information in one place so you can easily access information, maps/real time GPS, contact information and more while you're arriving on campus.

Unless you're coming from a long distance, do not bring everything at once. Bring seasonal clothing and switch at season's end.

Bring a moving cart or two-wheel dolly IF POSSIBLE. We have some moving carts available but not enough for everyone.

Find your NCard (student ID). If you don't have your NCard, you can't check in. Go to the NCard Office in the Union first to get your card.

Avoid the rush. Don't arrive first thing in the morning. This tends to be the most congested time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I move into my room?

A: Students can select a day and time to move in which best meets their needs. Refer to the Move-In website for specific details about how to complete this process. Once you arrive according to your housing assignment, you may move into your assigned room after checking in at your hall/complex desk. We request that students check in by themselves and avoid bringing in belongings until the check-in process is complete. This will reduce overcrowding in the busy lobby areas.

To alleviate congestion in the parking lots, elevators and stairwells, we strongly encourage you to move-in according to your requested time.

Q: Is there anything I can do to make the move-in process go smoothly?

There are a limited number of move-in carts available for checkout in each complex. They can be checked out for one hour with an ID. You may also find it helpful to bring a two-wheel cart or dolly to help with smaller items.

Students need to present their NCard (student ID) at check-in so they should have it ready when they arrive.

If you're looking to avoid the rush, we suggest not arriving first thing in the morning. This tends to be the busiest check-in time.

Q: Can furniture be removed from the room and be replaced with my own?

A: Room furniture must remain in your assigned room during the entire contract period. Any missing pieces of furniture will be considered damages and the resident will be charged accordingly. You may bring additional pieces of furniture for your room, such as armchairs or small sofas (futons), as long as they do not obstruct exits (doors/windows).

The Courtyards, Eastside Suites, Knoll, University Suites and Village are fully-furnished, so there is no need to bring extra items from home. In addition, public area furniture provided in the residence halls is intended for use of the community and must remain in public areas. Students should not remove public area furniture for personal use in their room.

Q: What if there are existing damages in my room/unit when I move in?

A: After you check in, your resident assistant will contact you about checking the room inventory/existing condition of your room/unit. University Housing is implementing a new online system for this process. You will receive information about how this works after you check-in.

Be sure to note everything that would be considered "damage" to the room such as nail holes, scratches on finishes, paint condition, marks on the ceiling/doors, etc. Be specific (i.e. two nail holes in north wall). Staff will check your room condition during checkout so it is in your best interest to make sure this process is complete and accurate to avoid damage charges at checkout.

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